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In 3 hours to a selling ELEVATOR PITCH deck

Techies can easily come up with innovative tech products but struggle to convince new customers of their benefit. The problem is the single focus of the presenters on the product feature. That's why they fail to win the trust of the customer no matter how fancy their PowerPoint presentation is. As a consequence, their customer doesn't buy or even worse buys from the competitor.

In this 3-hour online group workshop, you will prepare a selling ELEVATOR PITCH deck to win customers. 

A pitch can either close or open doors.

That's what you get in the workshop

After the booking, you will receive an invitation and a zoom link. All participants will meet in zoom and get a pdf workbook with the pitch formula and examples. With the help of the workbook and my guidance, you will write your pitch step-by-step. Afterward, you transfer the pitch to a presentation in PowerPoint and can practice presenting it aloud to get feedback.  

Self-confident appearance

Once you know how to win the trust of your customer and how to inspire action, you will leave a great first impression on which you can build your business.

Unforgettable authenticity and consistency

Crafting a great pitch helps you define what your product is about. People who hear or see your pitch will engage with you to learn more about you, your products, and your business.

Ready-to-show presentation

You will prepare a product pitch presentation that you can immediately send to your customer, publish on your website, or show at a trade show.

Attention for your product

An Elevator Pitch allows you to have a prepared script for developing new relationships, for example, with conference presentations, social media posts or networking events.

You will learn in the workshop

In 3 hours you will have a perfect pitch deck for your product including presentation training with professional feedback from a tech community and me as your trainer.


Pitch Formula

The pitch formula is a presentation structure that wins the trust of your customer, inspires action, and leaves a lasting and positive impression. The formula will be explained step-by-step in a workbook and demonstrated with examples. You will learn the formulas for a 10, 30, and 60 seconds pitch and will apply them to your own elevator pitch.


Workbook + Visual Memo

The pdf workbook with 20 pages summarizes all learnings and examples in one document. That's how you can repeat all content even after the workshop. Moreover, it contains a clear one-page summary (visual memo) with an elevator pitch example that you can print out and hang on the wall in your office to repeat the pitch formula before a customer visit or meeting.


Pitch Deck

Once your elevator pitch is ready, you will prepare a pitch deck according to a professional PowerPoint template and an example. You can use your own layout and get design and layout feedback from the community and me - your trainer. Finally, you will have a clear, focused, and sales-optimized presentation for a wide range of different sales and marketing scenarios.


Presentation Training

To minimize your nervousness and strengthen your presenting skills you have the opportunity to train your pitch aloud and get feedback from other participants and me - your trainer. You will also profit from the presentations of others and get valuable inspiration. At the end you will be ready for a product pitch at a conference, trade show or customer meeting.   

About The Pitch Trainer, Katharina Boguslawski

Katharina is a physicist and trainer. She has developed, patented, and presented many innovative products to customers and sponsors, including to the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg.

As a passionate songwriter, she masters storytelling and can fill even dry technical content with emotions that inspire customers and investors.

Here’s what people are saying about the pitch trainer

WIBKE Matthes

Director and Head of Key Competences

Katharina's presentation was well-founded and instructive.

She showed the participants vivid and action-oriented ways.

Gabrielle Thomas

Business development manager

Kat has the perfect mix of empathy and assertiveness,

along with a deep appreciation of what makes people tick.



I am happy to have such an inspiring person in my professional life.

Kat responded to the questions with her illustrative nature.

Don't ever waste a pitch. It can change the game.


My first pitch took me 4 different versions and 2 weeks to write.

I put so much effort into it because I know that a pitch can either close or open doors. So, I know how much valuable time you can spend on a perfect pitch preparation which you could have spent on customer acquisition or private time with friends and family. How much time do you spend on your pitches and what can you do instead for your business and free time?  

That's why you'd better get training. But a personal pitch training could easily cost you about 600-1500 € with some traveling expenses in addition. That's quite a lot. For this reason, I recommend you to attend an online group training. This way you keep costs to a minimum because they are divided among the participants.   

In my last group workshop, about 15 people prepared and presented their pitches within 3 hours. This is only possible with my super-focused and experienced training methods including my step-by-step workbook with examples. Don't spend more time on pitch trainings than that because time is money. Attend only workshops which are laser-focused and well prepared by the trainer.

Another benefit of group workshops is that you can practice your pitch in front of an audience and get feedback from other participants. Moreover, you hear their pitches and the comments of the trainer on them. That's how you gain game-changing experience within a short time.

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If you are not satisfied with my work, I offer to optimize your pitch till you like it or I will give you your money back.

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Gabrielle Thomas

Business Development Manager at Menlo Systems

My colleagues and I very much enjoyed the training

I got to know Katharina Boguslawski via LinkedIn and was impressed with her engagement and thought-provoking content. She created a professional development training program - creating an elevator pitch - for the sales, marketing, and product teams at Menlo Systems in May 2022. She took us through all the aspects of developing a pitch, from concept to implementation, with a special focus on how to expand the pitch depending on the audience.

My colleagues and I very much enjoyed the training, and we were particularly impressed with the materials (workbook) that Katharina provided, which were tailored to our specific training. She really sought to understand our technical backgrounds and to ensure that the training targeted everyone.

Communication with Katharina was an absolute breeze; she has the perfect mix of empathy and assertiveness, along with a deep appreciation of what makes people tick. I would not hesitate to try another course or training from Katharina in the future.


Scientific Researcher

Our sales pitch won a private dinner with the CEO of Jenoptik

I used the insights for our sales pitch delivered at the Jenoptik Innovation Challenge. It not only won us the Digitalization Challenge but also a private dinner with the CEO of Jenoptik for winning across all disciplines.


Product manager

I was inspired and felt proud

Kat proposed a creative icebreaker and a storytelling structure for my presentation.

I was inspired and could easily prepare my presentation. I felt proud and was looking forward to my tech talk. Many thanks for your support.

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