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Inspiring tech presenters are attractors

If your words can spark better ideas in the mind of others than they have without you, they will turn to you and follow you everywhere. They will hang on your lips. That is the attraction law of inspiring tech presentations.

Have a look inside PIMP MY TALK.

The only goal of all tech talks is to inspire action and sponsors. 

If you don't implant ideas, you will never inspire.

No matter what you want

  • applause at an international conference
  • a good mark from your professor
  • defend your PhD
  • subsidies from the state
  • motivate your team
  • receive budget from sponsors
  • get hired
  • higher salary from your boss
  • get promoted
  • signature of a cooperation contract

Every innovator knows how to attract people, spark ideas and inspire action because innovation = creativity + action.  That's why CEOs, entrepreneurs, and group leaders are great presenters. They move people by moving hearts.

Your BIG BUG: You bore and confuse your audience with ugly slides and nerdy words

But a confused mind never buys! So that's the best way to lose your audience within seconds.

Don't worry. You're not alone. To be honest: Even the most successful CEOs had to learn presentation and visualization skills step-by-step. 

I put the knowledge of a few unforgettable talk-giants like Steve Jobs in the hands of many - in YOUR hands - with my unforgettable program PIMP MY TALK for techies.

A successful tech talk requires successful communication.

If you don't control your communication, your presentation will fail. FOR SURE. 

Axiom: Everything communicates

  • Your look
  • Your shoes
  • Your voice
  • Your facial expressions
  • Your micromovements
  • Your gesturing
  • Your hair
  • Your eyes
  • Your dress
  • Your lip stick
  • Your nail polish
  • Your behaviour
  • Your speech
  • Your breath
  • Your body
  • Your hands
  • Your content
  • Your walk
  • Your smile
  • Your laser pointer
  • Your nervousness
  • Your pauses
  • Your introduction
  • Your graphics
  • Your results
  • Your prototypes
  • Your slide design
  • Your talk structure
  • Your talk end

I want to be an inspiring

TECH Presenter

Become the most attractive person in your company in 1 day:


Hook with an ICEBREAKER

Guess, how much time you have to hook your audience? I can tell you that even pessimists guess too optimistic. You have only about 10 seconds! Your audience decides within the first 10 seconds whether they will listen to you or not. That's why a great speaker knows that she must open a talk with an ICEBREAKER using storytelling. Stories trigger our self-preservation instinct and we stick to the lips of the storyteller - the survivor of a dangerous situation. We open ourselves completely to her information on how to survive. 

In module 1 I will reveal the ICEBREAKER formula for openings and inspiring ends with >25 examples.

Irresistable body language

Put your hands in your pockets or take them out? Stand on one leg or both? Speak loudly or more quietly? And how to handle the laser pointer?

Newton's axiom says: Every action leads to a reaction. This is true for communication as well. Watzlack, the Newton of communication, defines: Everything communicates. That's why, non-verbal messages including body movements, facial expressions, vocal tone and volume, and other micro expressions are a silent orchestra to your listeners. 

In module 4 you will work on your body movements and voice in detail so that they can work for you.

Design psychology

Design is thinking made visible. That's why your Powerpoint presentation reveals so much about your way of thought. "Wait, design is not about creativity?" - "No!"

Design is about typography, color psychology, geometry, density, balance, symmetry, hierarchy, contrast, repetition, proportion, and white space. One can immediately see how well your thoughts are structured in the simplicity and clarity of your slides. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk use the power of design, too.

By the way, Powerpoint has a lot of functions that help you with slide design and even formulas.

In module 2 you will visualize your thoughts easily with Powerpoint.

Talk architecture

Did you know that your audience is sleeping while you present all the great achievements, specs and sweat, and blood and tears of your work? The attention curve of your listeners has a minimum in the middle of your talk and has maxima at the beginning and the end. In a nutshell: They fall asleep after "Welcome, ladies, and gentlemen" and wake up at "Thank you for your attention!"

While the design is decorative and rhetoric is sculptural, talk structure is architectural. It keeps the attention up.  

In module 5 I will show you different talk architectures which you can sculpt and decorate with the knowledge of 4 modules.

Manipulate with rhetoric

Already Plato knew: Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men. And as you want to inspire action you have to know the most powerful rhetoric tools. Don't worry, they work for techies as well as for politicians: 

  • Priming
  • Rhetorical effect-questions
  • Metophor
  • Magic pauses
  • Prototypes & numbers

In module 3 I will practice with you how to inspire action with rhetorical tools.

BONUS: Kat's Visual memos

I will share with you my condensed knowledge on a single A4 piece of paper.

You can print it on A4 or the size of a poster for your office. It will help you to remember without depending on internet. 


LIKE I BELIEVE IN YOU, You will become a great presenter.

Let my work inspire you

Let my customers inspire you

Dibyendu Kuiri


Savitribai Phule Pune University

Kat supported me a lot with my presentation regarding "Vortex dynamic Bose-Einstein Condensed" and she helped me to improve better slides presentation.

Nitish Jain

Research Assistant 

Fraunhofer IOF

Kat helped me to find a great icebreaker for my tech presentation and optimized the design. 

I used the insights for our sales pitch delivered at the Jenoptik Innovation Challenge. It not only won us the Digitalization Challenge but also a private dinner with the CEO of Jenoptik for winning across all disciplines.

Philipp Johnston

Product Management Summer 

Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH

Kat proposed a creative icebreaker and a storytelling structure for my tech talk already within 10 minutes. I was inspired and could easily prepare my presentation. I felt proud and was looking forward to my tech talk. Many thanks for your support, Kat.

Once a great tech talker, always a great tech talker

Katharina Boguslawski
  • Excellent diploma in Physics
  • 10 years of working experience in science and industry
  • 5 publications incl. the cover story in Advanced Materials
  • 8 patents in automotive
  • Leader of an international >1 M€ development project
  • Tech presentations to Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg

Looking back, I could identify the same career booster over and over again.

  • I received an offer for my diploma position thanks to my seminar talks
  • I got my first job offer at an international conference thanks to my talk  
  • I never had to negotiate salary after an interview thanks to my presenting skills
  • Customers entrust me with top confidential information thanks to my product pitch
  • Colleagues are drawn to my round tables thanks to my tech talks 
  • My company presentation was shown at the fair IAA thanks to my presenting skills 

What's my secret?


I'm an analytically thinking physicist with a German brain and an emotional songwriter with a passionate Russian soul. That combination is my superpower. 

I will share my inspiring tech talk formula with you in my unforgettable program PIMP MY TALK - from techie for techies.

Inspiring tech talks have boosted my career.

And they will boost yours.

Trust me.


You missed out!

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